Car’s purchase

Finding and buying the perfect car is not easy. Indeed, there are several steps before acting on such as evaluate the different options, choose the colour, the brand and the price remains a decisive factor.





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Buy a used car

Find out how to buy a used car safely with our advice

Second-hand cars are logically cheaper than recent models which remains a good reason to opt for it. The biggest advantage with second-hand cars is the insurance premiums since it is cheaper.

Buy a used car

Choose a car radio that responds to your needs

If you want to install an accessory that improves passenger comfort in the car, the car radio is an essential device to provide many multimedia features. The choice of the device can be made according to its main needs. Those who want to be satisfied with the radio can choose all types of devices, as the radio is part of the basic functionality of the device. You can also enjoy many additional features such as a car radio with an integrated CD player to listen to your favourite albums or a USB model to listen to your music thanks a USB stick.

Car’s purchase: Administrative formality

You have just bought your car, but you still need to complete the administrative formalities. The seller must supply the following documents: the crossed-out registration document, the sales certificate signed by him, the certificate of passage and the inspection report from an approved centre and the stub and the certificate of non-gage to you.

You must take out car insurance. Registration must be carried out within 15 days after purchasing the car in order not to pay a fine. Also, several documents are to be provided such as a proof of address, an identity card, a transfer certificate and a conformity certificate provided by the seller also the proof of roadworthiness test….