Gasoline or diesel: How to choose?

While diesel engines were initially seen as very polluting and uncomfortable, this type of engine seduced the French and these cars dominated the car fleet. While a diesel-powered car is more expensive to buy, these types of cars seduce consumers…

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Do we still have to buy a diesel car?

Although diesel is not considered to be the most perfect fuel for a variety of reasons, cars that run on diesel are very suitable for many motorists. This fuel, which is accessible at the pump, has a low consumption, diesel…

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Buying guide: choosing the right petrol engine

Between diesel, gasoline, E85, liquefied petroleum gas or LPG engines and a hybrid system, it is not always easy to choose the right engine. In our purchasing guide, discover useful information on how to choose the right engine for gasoline-powered…

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Diesel or gasoline? How about hybrid?

During the braking phase, the battery is recharged. Although sustainable development and the fight against climate change suggest that diesel and gasoline vehicles will soon disappear with the emergence of hybrid electric cars, these cars are still in demand. Indeed,…

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Advantages and disadvantages of electric cars

Contrary to popular belief, electric car models have a very attractive cost compared to petrol or diesel combustion vehicles. State aid grants motorists a premium for the purchase of a 100% electric car. This benefit varies between €6300 and €10,000…

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