How to buy a cheap car? 3 questions to ask

With maintenance, fuel costs and the budget needed to buy a car, it is understandable why buying a car is part of the largest annual budget in a household. The other most important budget items are housing and food. While…

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Which car to buy for a budget between 3000 and 30000 €?

Between the penalty and the price of fuel, taxes are constantly reducing the purchasing power of motorists. To reduce the budget of French households, you can become a vehicle owner by buying cars at economical prices. Thanks to this guide,…

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Where to buy a new cheap car in Europe?

To enable consumers to compare prices in EU countries, buyers can refer to the comparison of prices of new vehicles sold in Europe. These tariffs published annually are also a way to find out where to buy a new car…

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Where to buy a cheap used car?

To buy a cheap used car, consumers can use certain tips such as: define a budget and stick to it, determine in advance the type of car they want to buy and identify the car of their dreams. The trick…

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