Buy a new Peugeot through a representative

Although it is still common to go through a dealer to buy a new Peugeot, it is frankly more advantageous to go to an automotive representative who can provide exactly the same service at a really lower price.

Choose a serious automotive representative

Being a Peugeot representative or any other car brand cannot be improvised, it is a profession. The agent's mission is to find many dealers throughout Europe with whom he negotiates in order to obtain attractive discounts for people wishing to buy a new vehicle. An experienced negotiator can obtain discounts of up to 40%. Given the price of a vehicle, this discount represents a significant saving and may allow you to buy additional options. The agent must also ensure the validity of the manufacturer's guarantees and take care of the administrative procedures related to the importation of vehicles. These different approaches show the importance of choosing a serious representative such as, a member of the French Federation of Independent Motor Distributors with more than 20 years of experience in the field and who, according to the opinions collected by satisfaction survey or by the testimonial forms, only has satisfied customers.

Low price but identical guarantee

Buying a cheap Peugeot using the services of an agent does not mean that the car is less well guaranteed than a car leaving the dealer's premises. Directive 1999/44/EC of 25 May 1999 stipulates that any purchase of a new vehicle from a professional (dealer or car representative) residing in a European Union country gives the right to a European guarantee. This means that the manufacturer bears the costs resulting from repairs covered by the manufacturer's guarantee as soon as these repairs are carried out under concession in a European country, of course during the planned period. To take over at the end of the manufacturer's warranty, your Peugeot Auto-ICI automobile representative offers a complementary warranty contract including the breakdown or towing of the vehicle as well as your possible accommodation costs. It also offers the anti-theft marking which consists in engraving the car's chassis number on all its windows, a number listed for 6 years at Eurodatacar.

Take a good look at the price displayed

An unscrupulous car agent could make a Peugeot promotion more attractive by posting the price of the vehicle without including any additional costs claimed from the customer. The price displayed at Auto-ICI is the exact price that the customer must pay upon receipt of the vehicle. The costs of administrative documents, the costs of preparing and making the car available, the supply and installation of number plates are borne by the supplier. A taxi will even pick you up if you come by train or plane to pick up your car. The cost of the registration certificate, that of the vehicle registration document and the amount of the ecotax remain the sole responsibility of the buyer because they are variable amounts that cannot be included in the displayed price of a vehicle. However, your agent is responsible for compiling the registration file and having the vehicle registration document drawn up. helps you to import your car from Germany
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