Car license plates: buy plexiglass plates online

You change cars or you must replace your license plates. Plexiglass sheets have many advantages. Approved, they comply with the regulations, which nevertheless allow a certain personalization of these plates.

Strict compliance with regulations

You can order your Plexiglas license plate, issued by experienced professionals. They will comply with all the rules governing the design of license plates. Since 2009, these plates have been developed as part of the Vehicle Registration System. The plates you receive, approved by the competent authorities, will thus include, in the left band, the Europe logo and the sign "F". On the right, in another banner, is the logo of a region and a department number. These plates also come with a white reflective background. Similarly, the letters and numbers on the plate must be written in black, with a specific font. These car license plates also comply with the formats imposed by the public authorities. The front and rear plates must be perfectly identical.

Plexiglass plates, which can be customized

The modern design of the plexiglass license plates adds a touch of elegance to your car. Flexible and reinforced, these plates are also very robust. Their design allows them to withstand shocks. This means you can keep these plexiglass plates longer. In addition, these plates are more suitable for personalization. The strictness of the rules on number plates does not prevent certain changes from being made. This allows you to have a customised plate made. Thus, in the right-hand band, you can choose the regional logo of your choice. It is also possible to choose the department you prefer, which corresponds to the region chosen. You are therefore not obliged to choose the department and region where you live. For the characters on the plate, you can choose between the three approved fonts. Under the license plate, it is also possible to indicate, for example, the garage in which you bought your car. Next to this mention, you can find the logo of your choice. If you want to have a personalized text written underneath the plate, this is usually possible. This practice is tolerated by the authorities. This is not the case with the border around the plate or stickers.

Place your order

Once all your choices are made, you can create your own Plexiglas license plate online. To do this, you only need to provide some information. You will have to indicate the mineralogical number assigned to you. You will then need to specify the region you have chosen, and the department number you have chosen. Mention, if you have planned it, the text you want to see under the license plate. It will be necessary to indicate the font and colour used for this text. Below the registration, you can also provide, on the right or left, for the installation of a logo. It can be a logo mentioning a car or motorcycle brand. All these elements being specified, you still must finalize your order. Your personalized license plate will then be delivered to you as soon as possible.
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