Have your car transported throughout France

Moving, repatriation, breakdown, family trips... There are many opportunities to transport your classic car, but you can't always drive it. Between the car transport company, the services of a driver or towing, several solutions are available to you.

The specialized transport companies

Car transport by truck When the distance to travel is long, it can be interesting to turn to a company specialized in the transport of vintage cars. Experienced and aware of the specificity of your jewellery, she allocates you a vehicle adapted to its weight and dimensions. A flatbed truck is used to move the vehicle, and the service is billed by the mileage. Using a luxury car transport company allows you to benefit from insurance in case of damage. Thus, you are covered from the moment your vehicle is picked up until it is delivered. Some companies even allow you to track, in real time, the location of your car during transport. You can consult the advantages offered by a professional transport company on rabouin.com/. Use the services of a driver If your collector's car is in good driving condition and you cannot drive it yourself, you can use the services of a professional driver. He makes the trip for you, taking good care of your vehicle. Billed according to the driver's hourly rate, this solution is very economical and often more flexible than a car-truck transport company. Some drivers specialize in the transportation of prestigious and collectible cars. Find out about your driver's experience to confirm his or her ability to complete the trip. A duly signed contract remains an excellent guarantee in the event of damage.

Driving a car carrier truck

If your collector's vehicle breaks down, it may be worthwhile to rent a car holder accessible with a B permit. Several car rental companies offer them. You can easily take advantage of this rental for short trips. The main advantage lies in the nature of the package offered. The cost is set per day but limits you somewhat to the level of mileage you drive. This solution is therefore suitable for transporting your car to the garage, or to an exhibition near your home.

Use a trailer

The lightest collection vehicles can be towed on a light trailer, available for purchase or sale. To do this, you must ensure that the GVWR of the towing vehicle is greater than that of your trailer and that the sum of the two weights is less than 3.5 tonnes. Finally, the towable weight of the vehicle that you will use as a tractor must be equal to or greater than the trailer's GVWR. Before you start your journey, you must declare your trailer to your insurer. The transport of vehicles on trailers must be reported by specifying the registration number of the trailer. This operation generally does not generate any additional costs. In case you are considering buying a trailer, do not neglect the space it occupies. It will be more interesting to rent a trailer if you do not travel often. Whatever the reason for moving your vehicle, you will easily find a solution that fits your budget. Remember to carry a document with you that attests to the fact that your collector's vehicle has been taken care of by the car transport company. You will thus insure your back in case of conflict or damage to your collector's vehicle.
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