How to get rid of an end-of-life vehicle in Paris?

An end-of-life vehicle or ELV is a machine that can no longer be driven. It has been severely damaged, and its repair would cost more than a fortune. The wreckers are the ones who handle this kind of waste. According to the legislation in force, it is imperative that the environment be rid of them. This way, the owner can benefit from it.

What kind of vehicle does the wrecker support?

A wreck, by definition, is a waste from which it is no longer possible to derive much except perhaps spare parts. In the automotive sector, it corresponds to ELVs. The latter are classified according to a few criteria. First, there is the IEV or economically irreparable vehicle, i.e., repairing it may cost more than would normally be spent on a repair. There is also the VGE or severely damaged vehicle that can no longer travel at the risk of being a danger to other users.

Why do we have to get rid of it?

We must get rid of this type of vehicle because it is a danger to society. The various fluids still present and other products are harmful to health. For the environment, these vehicles are real polluters who saturate the air.  Then, from an aesthetic point of view, a wreck is a real downside that ruins the landscape of a city. Finally, you will benefit from one less payment from your insurer and who knows, you could even earn some thanks to a scrapping premium! Professionals oversee it, such as the removal of wrecks in Paris.

The regulations in force

The regulations governing the removal of wreckage in Paris are based on two codes: the road and the environment. First, owners who abandon their vehicle in a wreck are liable to a fine for 5th class fines.  This is because this type of vehicle is classified as waste: it is a residue of a production process that can harm the health of others and pollutes the environment. Measures are then put in place by the competent authorities to force the owner to dispose of it. To do this, he must call on wreckers approved by the prefecture to pick up the vehicle at its location and take it to a specific location and take care of it: the aim here is to make the wreckage profitable by recycling what can still be recycled.

Free services

In Paris, as in many other cities in France, there are many ship wreckers. Approved wreckers: These are approved professional recyclers or CVHU (Centre de Véhicules Hors d'Usage). They are the first car breakage professionals recommended for any ELV owner.  With trailer vehicles, they will be happy to take care of your wreckage wherever it is located, even in the most difficult to access areas. Free wreck removal Paris 75 shows seriousness by committing to work with the prefecture and ensures all work from collection to scrap metal. Their role: the Paris shipwreck builder can start the procedure as soon as he is in possession of the documents authorising him to do so. This is the vehicle registration document in which it is clearly stated that the vehicle is transferred or sold to the centre with certain documents (identity documents, certificates of non-gage...). He then ensures that all dangerous products are removed from your vehicle, that parts that can still be reused are removed and that everything that is unnecessary is destroyed. The free nature of the service generally depends on the distance between the collection point and the ease of access, although at present, it is on this point that service providers are struggling to perfect their service.
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