Practical information on the different car rentals

Did you know that renting a truck or motorcycle is becoming very popular right now, you want to drive a rental car, but you don't know the necessary conditions to rent one? Through this article, you will discover all the details about these different requirements and how to rent a car.

What are the main conditions for renting a car?

You are both a customer of the car rental agency and a designated driver under the contract. You want to rent a motorcycle, a car, a truck? The main conditions for car rental are as follows: first, you must be of legal age, i.e. over 21 years of age, some even require that the customer be over 25 years of age. Secondly, possession of a driving licence valid for more than one year and corresponding to the means of transport you wish to rent is mandatory. In addition, this national permit must be combined with an international permit. The agency does not accept loss declarations and restricted permits. Then, you must show your identity documents and residence certificate. Sometimes, the rental agency requires a proof of income. That is, these documents must be original and recent. Finally, the provision of a payment method in your name is mandatory. For more information, visit

What parts must be provided to meet the car rental conditions?

To rent a motorcycle or car, you must undeniably present the following parts to the car rental agency. An identity card, a driving licence, a certificate of residence, a bank card in the name of the driver to simplify administrative procedures. In addition, a deposit and a deposit on the rental will be essential to cover any damage during the rental and guarantee the payment of the rental. When returning the vehicle, you must pay the full amount of the car rental costs, considering the elements mentioned in the contract and any surpluses such as additional costs if you have not refuelled.

What are the special conditions of a car rental?

If you are not the only driver of the rental car, you must mention in advance that there will be an additional driver. As a result, the latter will also have to present his driving licence and identity document. If you do not do so in advance, you will be sanctioned. Regarding car insurance, according to the law of 27 February 1985, the car rental agency must take out civil liability insurance on your behalf for physical and bodily injuries. This coverage is also valid for passengers and the additional driver. But it is still advisable to take out additional insurance to ensure that you are covered if the damage to the rental car comes from you.
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