Buying a new car: the steps to obtain a car registration card

When you buy a new car, you will need to create a registration file. To obtain the car registration document, you need the Cerfa form n°13749*04 as well as some supporting documents. For more information, here is a guide explaining the steps to follow to obtain the document.

The steps to obtain your registration card

Those who wish to take the necessary steps to obtain a registration document for a new vehicle can go to the State services. To facilitate this process, it is possible to entrust a certified professional. Several documents must be provided following the purchase of a new car. It is mandatory to provide the various supporting documents such as: an original of the application for a vehicle registration certificate. This document must be signed by the new owner. The original declaration of transfer of a vehicle purchase invoice, an original registration warrant, tax clearance must also be provided. Do not forget to add to the file a photocopy of the holder's driving licence, proof of residence less than six years old and a certificate of insurance of the vehicle.

What is a non-pledge certificate?

The non-pledge certificate is an important document to secure the transaction of a used vehicle between private individuals. Those who wish to buy a new car must be vigilant before committing themselves. In the case where the transaction is between individuals, the certificate of non-gage ensures that a vehicle can be sold. When selling cars, the certificate of administrative status (certificate of no pledge) ensures that a vehicle can be sold.

Vehicle registration

The registration of cars is done by obtaining the vehicle's registration document and then making the plates. Often, the concessionaire takes care of the procedure. If this is not the case, the buyer must carry out the registration procedure himself by going to the nearest prefecture or sub-prefecture. The registration file can also be entrusted to an approved service provider. These specialists will take care of many formalities. This service avoids the need to travel. It is no longer necessary to waste time queuing at the registration desk of the administrative office.
Buying a car: Administrative formality
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