Cash car purchase, advantages & disadvantages

Buying a car is an operation that can be done in two ways. The owner can choose to buy in cash by paying the full amount at the time of purchase or opt for a car credit, but what are the options for paying for the car? Cash purchase or self-financing is the simplest and most economical solution. The operation makes it possible to become the owner of the future vehicle without recourse to external financing.

Bank check: the procedures

A bank check allows the seller to benefit from a secure payment of the amount due. The issuing bank takes care of the debiting itself after the cheque has been cashed. It is thus committed on behalf of the client. Before issuing the cheque, the amount must first be debited from the buyer's bank account. This type of transaction may also be blocked on the buyer's account for the benefit of the issuing bank. The bank ensures that customers have enough funds before granting the bank cheque to the seller. The future owner of the car who wishes to buy the car then gives the payment certificate to the seller.

Overflow: alternative to bank cheques

The D├ępopass is a digital alternative to a cashier's cheque. This very useful service for the purchase of cars guarantees the identities of the buyers, makes it possible to make a secure payment and a sale that can be made every day. This payment method allows you to keep control of your money. The transfer is only made when the payment code is given to the seller. The funding of the D├ępopass account is an approach that is accessible without commitment. This will allow the buyer to change his mind or cancel the transaction without having to pay any fees. Unlike traditional bank cheques, you can negotiate the amount of the car until the last minute. You can adjust the price by connecting to your customer area. Another advantage is that this online service allows you to buy a car without having to go to the bank. All information can be done online and at any time.
How does the loan buyback work?

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