Do we still have to buy a diesel car?

Although diesel is not considered to be the most perfect fuel for a variety of reasons, cars that run on diesel are very suitable for many motorists. This fuel, which is accessible at the pump, has a low consumption, diesel is ideal for people who drive a lot and who do not live in French cities. People living outside the agglomeration will be slightly affected by anti-diesel measures. Those who do not benefit from government assistance should favour the purchase of a diesel car. This type of vehicle is even more efficient if you travel long distances.

Diesel car: What are the advantages?

Diesel-powered cars have become more popular, particularly with the Volkswagen brand car ranges. These vehicles have real and significant advantages that appeal to many car enthusiasts. The main advantage that encourages consumers to choose a diesel car as a vehicle type is its low fuel consumption. This type of car consumes up to 20% less fuel than a conventional car. Another advantage is that the price of diesel at the pump is 10% cheaper than traditional fuel. On average, diesel engines last longer than a gasoline engine. The fact is that diesel cars heat less. This feature allows them to easily reach 200,000 km on the meter or even 300,000 km for some car models. This type of vehicle also appeals to motorists for its performance/consumption ratios. New technologies give diesel cars the same type of performance as conventional engines. Thus, the injection system and the particulate filter make it possible to compete with other car ranges. Diesel also offers its owners a good resale value. The smaller and more targeted market makes it easier and cheaper to resell a used car. This car, which retains a high value, benefits from less fierce competition on the car sales market. In addition, buyers interested in this type of car are easier to target. The fact that diesel-powered engines are not the most environmentally friendly option does not prevent this type of car from emitting less unburned hydrocarbons than other types of vehicles. This type of car is also advantageous for long distances.

Diesel cars: the disadvantages

Although diesel cars have significant advantages over long distances, these types of vehicles are expensive to acquire. Indeed, the purchase price of a new or used car equipped with a diesel engine is higher than most conventional cars. The maintenance costs of this type of vehicle are more expensive than the gasoline-powered car. Repairs require specific expertise and sometimes special parts. Even though several equipment has been created to improve the ecological balance of the diesel engine, this type of car has a more polluting option than other vehicles. These types of vehicles produce many toxic substances such as fine particles, CO2 emissions, nitrogen oxides... Some manufacturers, however, those that produce Chevrolet brand cars offer clean alternatives on their diesel vehicle ranges. Diesel cars are mostly noisy cars compared to gasoline powered vehicle ranges. Driving a diesel car sometimes presents a less pleasant driving experience due to the greater vibration felt by many owners. In most cases, diesel car owners will have to expect a higher cost in terms of insurance premiums.

Is it still profitable to buy a diesel car online?

Diesel can be banned in some areas. This prohibition may be applied mainly in restricted traffic areas (RTAs). These localities are in urban areas: Grenoble, Strasbourg, Lyon, Lille, Paris. Only the Paris City Hall mentioned the possibility of banning diesel cars by 2025. This measure is unnecessary when it comes to banning recent models of vehicles without particulate filters and NOx catalysts. People who are considering buying diesel online are benefiting from the market downturn. These cars take longer to sell, so much so that prices are lower than the market price.

How many kilometres can a diesel car reach?

The advantage with diesel cars is that these new cars can easily cover 200,000 km. Some diesel models can reach the symbolic 300,000 km mark without difficulty. While in 2016, the sale of used diesel cars represented 67%, this proportion is reduced to 65% in the first half of 2017. During the purchase of a used vehicle, mileage is an important parameter in the equation for determining the price of a used car. The estimate considers the level of equipment and its general condition. If the base of a new car of a petrol model is 15,000 km/year, the base is 25,000 km for a used diesel car.
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