How can I buy a new car?

Before considering financing the vehicle, it will be necessary to find out how much money is needed to purchase the car. This approach does not only consider the amount of the car since it will also be necessary to consider expense items such as gasoline, insurance, maintenance costs...

Where to buy a new car?

The principle of the agent consists in selling cars by buying lots of vehicles at negotiated prices from various European dealerships. This service allows them to offer more affordable rates to their customers. The particularity of the agent sometimes called a broker is that he offers discounts of up to 40% of the price offered by a dealer. This type of intermediary can represent up to 25% of the purchase volumes at some car manufacturers. To buy a new car at an affordable price, you can also visit a dealer. Several elements can be negotiated in a dealership: a discount of up to 10 or 15% on the price of a new car, options, accessories/gifts, additional warranty, circulation fees or a model available in stock sold at discounted prices. This last solution allows you to benefit from a discount of up to 30% of the new price. For more ideas where to buy new cars, visit "the countries best known in car sales".

What is the procedure for choosing the right car?

Between diesel, petrol, bi-fuel (LPG or E85) or hybrids, it is difficult to choose the right engine. Although diesel engines are among the most popular vehicle models in France, this type of car is increasingly unsuitable for urban use. Indeed, this complex technological solution requires different pollution control systems such as the EGR exhaust gas recirculation system, particulate filter... The latest petrol engines are equipped with a turbocharger that makes them more pleasant to use and a direct injection system that guarantees better fuel economy. To choose the right car, you can also choose the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) engine, E85, which is a fuel composed of a blend of 85% bioethanol, alcohol distilled from vegetable matter and 15% gasoline.

What should I do to buy a new car?

When purchasing new vehicles, you can apply for registration using Cerfa documents n°13749 called 3 in 1, the procedure requires the transmission of certain scanned documents: application for registration dedicated to vehicles from a country outside the European Union Cerfa n°13749 and a recent proof of residence. To apply for registration using the Cerfa document n°13750 relating to the application for a vehicle registration certificate, it will be necessary to transmit digital formats of other documents such as: the application for certification, a recent proof of domicile, an invoice issued by the seller or another proof of sale, an original of the certificate of conformity issued by the manufacturer or the representative in France...

How to buy a leased car?

Before being able to buy the car under lease, the future owner may have to make a security deposit in addition to paying the monthly instalments. This amount can correspond to the call option price, which is about 15% of the value of the car. For more information about this type of acquisition, discover another more detailed article on this advantageous technique.

Why buy a leased car?

While initially the purchase of leased cars with an option to purchase (LOA) was reserved for new vehicles, car leasing has become more democratic and applies to recent second-hand vehicles. The advantage of this practice is that it is less expensive and that the driver does not legally own the car even if the registration document and any fines are in the buyer's name. While in principle bank charges for the purchase of leased cars vary between 24 and 60 months, it is recommended to subscribe to a LOA with a duration of 36 months.
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