How to find a classic car?

There are three ways to buy a classic car: through professionals, buy retro cars at auctions or finalize the purchase from individuals. These auctions offer auction prices that are often below the market price. Concerning the private individuals’ market, there is a wide variety of classified ads to choose from. You can easily consult the offers on the net or in the newspapers. There are currently real supermarkets dedicated exclusively to the sale of antique cars.

The purchase of vintage cars at auction

When deciding to purchase a collector's vehicle at auction, certain precautions should be taken to avoid unpleasant surprises. Buying cars at auction can save you 20 to 50%. These may be old cars from rental agencies, fleet seizure or sale. In any case, auctions are events organised regularly and in many regions of France. The main advantage of a collector's car acquired at auction is the price. The fact is that the lots of vehicles sold by auction come from police seizures, liquidation of stores... During these sales sessions, auctioneers take care of the smooth running of the sale. These sworn professionals are a guarantee of reliable sales. Most of cars sold at auction are in good condition. Most of the time, they have benefited from a recent roadworthiness test. Some vehicles have even been examined. Car auctions allow antique car lovers to find rare models.

Antique cars: Which cars will increase in value?

Some vehicles benefit from an intelligent and strategic investment. These old cars will increase in value. This is particularly the case for the Mercedes SL type R 129. Pre-2000 versions are the most sought-after by collectors. It’s beautiful and harmonious design makes it more popular. Only 8,000 Renault Avantime were produced between 2001 and 2003. Its particularity is its glass roof. Owners of these vintage car models should also pay attention to the condition of the two-tone leather seats. The BMW Z3 coupé was designed between 1999 and 2002. These are the most sought-after car models by collectors. In a few years, the price of this splendid car could triple. The Land Rover Defender is a retro car manufactured between 1948 and 2015. This mythical car is a great investment. The Porsche 996 is a car marketed between 1998 and 2004. On the mechanical side, the car has a 3.6 engine and a manual gearbox. Other classic cars that are gaining in value include: the Maserati 3200 GT, the Alfa-Romeo 156 GTA, the first generation of Audi TT.

Motorization of vintage cars

When buying a classic car, it is important to check the condition of the car. Future owners should be careful when checking the car. This will help them avoid having to carry a wreck. To ensure proper maintenance of the collection car, it is important to monitor for corrosion and rust by inspecting the bodywork. Consider examining the underbody panels and the inside of the wings. The buyer must also start the vehicle to listen to the engine and make sure it runs properly. When checking, it should be checked that the idle speed is stable. When checking mileage, avoid old cars with low mileage. The reason is that vehicles that do not drive enough tend to deteriorate more quickly. It is important that a coveted retro car does not have an engine block in very poor condition. Also make sure that the motor does not leak.
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