Purchase of a used car and temporary insurance

If you buy a used car, you must take out an insurance policy that takes effect from the moment the car changes ownership. In principle, the seller's insurance covers the vehicle until then, even if the car does not yet have its new registration document and license plate. The law provides that a car must be insured as soon as the owner takes possession of it. The former owner must inform his insurance company of the sale of the vehicle by sending him a letter informing him of the termination of the insurance contract due to the sale of the vehicle. The new owner can, if he wishes, take over the insurance in his name by requesting a contract transfer. The termination of a vehicle's coverage takes effect from the day on which the vehicle was sold, at precisely midnight. If you buy a used vehicle, it is important to complete the insurance formalities because otherwise the vehicle is no longer covered. In addition, driving an uninsured car is punishable by a fine when the driver is stopped by the police. To take possession of a new or used vehicle, it is mandatory to take out car insurance to insure the vehicle in the event of a claim. The car insurance contract takes effect on the day the driver takes possession of the used vehicle he or she has purchased. The insurance certificate is said to be provisional and the final insurance form will be given to the insured after the registration of the vehicle in the name of its new owner with the new vehicle registration document. The insurer issues the final insurance certificate of the vehicle (green sheet) as well as the insurance sticker that must be attached to the windshield of the vehicle covered by the insurance. When purchasing car insurance, it is important to compare the rates of different insurance companies. The prices of car insurance vary according to the formula chosen by the owner of the used vehicle, generally third-party or all-risk insurance. To define their rates, insurers take into consideration various elements relating to the vehicle: the age of the car, its fiscal power, the use for which it is intended, etc. But insurance companies also consider the driver's profile: young driver, history and number of claims he or she has suffered. All these different elements will determine the annual amount of car insurance by analysing the coverages that the new owner of the vehicle wishes to purchase.
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