Seat brand vehicle purchase packages without commitment

With its new offer launched in April 2019, Seat aims to be the player that will revolutionize vehicle acquisition formulas. With this Seat offer, applicants can terminate the lease at any time, from the first month, without risk of penalty.

Presentation of the Seat offer

Many French people have already chosen new vehicles through leasing with a purchase option or long-term leasing. These two purchase options are characterized by the customer's commitment to dispose of the vehicle for a period set out in the contract; with a mileage limit. There are two constraints here: one related to time, the other to distance. It is precisely these constraints that Seat has removed through its non-binding offer, to allow its customers to buy a new Seat vehicle. Through this Seat system without commitment, the customer benefits from more flexibility regarding the provisions of his contract. Thus, customers who wish to rent new vehicles, but who are not ready to commit or who fear the payment of penalties at the slightest new clause. With this Seat offer, the customer will now be able to modify his contract at any time, and without any contribution at the end of the 31 days of rental. This contract evolution also concerns the termination, the change of the car, a possible modification of the mileage, or the monthly payments. The flexibility of this offer will do well for those who have doubts about their future as drivers. It would also be wise to consider another part of this Seat offer without commitment. It will make it possible to meet the likely evolution of customer needs in terms of mobility within a few years.

Launch of the offer on the Arona Urban

In April 2019, the Arona compact SUV in a special Urban series began to implement the non-binding offer on new cars from the Spanish manufacturer Seat. From 199 euros per month for a 95 horsepower TSI petrol model with no contribution and with maintenance included, the rental company can benefit from this offer. Still in the Arona range, it will be necessary to count 209 euros monthly for the diesel engine of the same power, with manual gearbox, and 229 euros in DSG automatic gearbox. It should be noted, however, that this Seat arrangement without commitment is a little more expensive than an offer with commitment. The difference in price is explained by the fact that the lessor can, if he so wishes, change vehicle during the contract, as he can terminate the contract, without fear of having to pay costs. With the Arona without commitment, it is therefore easier to switch from a used car to a new one.

The other models concerned

With the success of the Arona without commitment, Seat applies its offer to other SUV vehicles. There is in fact an offer from Ateca without obligation. The Seat Ateca offer is available from a monthly payment of 339 euros and is related to 1.5 TSI 115 Horses with manual gearbox. For 359 euros, the 1.6 TDI 115 horsepower and manual gearbox is also eligible for this offer. The Ateca without commitment also applies to other vehicles in the category. In addition, another category of new Seat vehicle is also eligible. This is the Tarraco Urban, available from a monthly payment of 439 euros for the 1.5 TSI model with a 150-horsepower manual gearbox. The 2.0 TDI 150 model, horsepower and automatic transmission of Tarraco is also concerned by the offer without contribution proposed by Seat, in order to make life easier for its customers. helps you to import your car from Germany
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