Simplification of online registration procedures

Since November 2017, the car registration application process has been online. But this reform has not always been easy to implement, and many have complained about the bugs in the state website called ANTS.  Thus, recently, the Minister of the Interior announced once again that everything possible is being done to facilitate access to the online registration document. Indeed, since it is no longer possible to go to the prefecture to register your vehicle, user requests arrive en masse on the State's platform, which is not always able to manage this large flow. In any case, the online procedure for car registration documents and the permit procedure are simpler and do not require travel on the part of the applicant.

How do I apply for a car registration online?

Currently, there are a few professionals who have obtained the approval of the Ministry of the Interior to send out car registration applications online. This solution is ideal for obtaining a registration certificate or driver's license papers in a record time. But how do we proceed? It's really very simple; first, you have to go to the platform of the company that offers the service. Then there should be a button to start the online request. The applicant will then have to fill in the various fields with the information contained in his old registration document. Then, he validates his request with a button provided for this purpose before receiving by email the confirmation of receipt of the request and the list of documents required to process the file. All that remains is for him to send the relevant documents to the company responsible for sending his application for a vehicle registration document to finalise the procedure. For more information about the registration documents and the different possibilities to request them, the website explains all the details.

Which documents are useful?

The documents that must be attached to an application for a vehicle registration document vary according to the reason for the request but also according to the type of vehicle concerned. Thus, if the registration concerns a second-hand car, the following documents must be provided: original of the registration document, the application for the registration document, the transfer certificate, the registration warrant, a photocopy of the purchase receipt, a photocopy of the valid roadworthiness test, a proof of residence, a photocopy of the driving licence and a certificate of insurance for the car. It should be noted that these documents must be duly completed by the persons responsible (seller, buyer, etc.).  What has just been said only concerns the registration of a second-hand car, it is not the same for a new car, a motorcycle, a change of address on the registration card or other. By applying for a registration card through an approved online platform such as Auto Démarches, the customer has nothing to worry about since he or she will receive assistance throughout the process.

When should a new registration card be issued?

There are many reasons why a person may want a new registration document. For example, a vehicle must be registered when it has just been purchased, whether it is new, used or from abroad. But in addition to buying a new vehicle, you must also request a duplicate of the registration certificate in the event of loss, theft or damage to the original. And again, in order to change the name or address on the registration document, to make a declaration of transfer in the case of a sale or other, you may have to request a new registration document. The procedure to be followed online will depend on the nature of the request. Thus, when using the services of a company approved and authorised by the Ministry of the Interior, it is essential to specify the reason for the request.

What is the delivery time for the registration document?

Once the application for a registration certificate has been validated, all that remains is to wait for the document to arrive in its mailbox. As for the delivery time, this will vary from one company to another. However, in general, the national printing house sends the registration document to the applicant's address within 3 to 4 days. This does not mean that the person cannot use their car until the registration certificate arrives. Indeed, by completing the procedure online, you obtain a provisional certificate within 24 hours. This document is valid for driving with the vehicle while waiting for the delivery of the new registration document. Finally, for any other questions concerning the online registration procedure, the contacts of the professionals who offer this service are accessible on their websites. It is best to contact them directly.
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