Where to buy a new cheap car in Europe?

To enable consumers to compare prices in EU countries, buyers can refer to the comparison of prices of new vehicles sold in Europe. These tariffs published annually are also a way to find out where to buy a new car at an affordable price in Europe.

Germany, the land of automobiles

German Volkswagen, Audi or BMW cars compete with French car brands such as Renault, Citroën and Peugeot. Buying a vehicle in Germany allows investors to enjoy significant financial benefits. By contacting a car representative, the specialists will know the different rates applied in Germany as well as the specificities of the different car brands. The expertise of the car experts allows people looking for a car at an economical price to benefit from a discount of up to 40% of the price of regular cars. Buying a used car in Germany is also a way to benefit from a significantly lower price than when buying a new car. This type of transaction can have a price difference of up to 30% between a new car and a used model. The special feature of German used vehicles is that they are covered by a guarantee of at least 2 years. The reason is that Germans tend to part with their cars much more quickly in order to take a more recent model. In addition, drivers are known for the good maintenance of the cars they resell.

What are the cheapest car models in Hungary?

According to information provided by the European Union, it is strongly recommended to buy a Toyota Yaris in Hungary. This car is cheaper than in Portugal. The Alfa-Romeo MiTo, BMW 320d and 520d are also cars whose price is cheaper in Hungary than the prices offered by most dealers in France. Another good deal when you want to buy a car at an economical price in Hungary, buy a Fiat 500 in the Magyar country. It is not advisable to buy this new model in Latvia since the price of this same model is much more expensive than the price applied throughout Europe.

The most reputable countries in car sales

Buying cars can also be a good deal when you decide to go to other European countries like Spain, especially when you plan to buy a Citroën C5. To buy an Audi A4/A3, Citroën C4 and C3 at an economical price, it is better to go to Denmark. Those travelling to the United Kingdom can buy a new Mini Cooper at a competitive price. In Slovenia, the price of an Alfa-Romeo Giuletta is more affordable compared to prices throughout Europe.
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