Which car to buy for a budget between 3000 and 30000 €?

Between the penalty and the price of fuel, taxes are constantly reducing the purchasing power of motorists. To reduce the budget of French households, you can become a vehicle owner by buying cars at economical prices. Thanks to this guide, discover the type of car classified by budget. Discover the types of cars that can be bought for budgets between 3000 and 30 000 €.

Purchase of cheap, new and used cars

To get a car for less than 3000 €, you will have to consult the classified ad sites. Second-hand cars at such a price come in different ranges from the city car, the family car, compact, small and even minivan. Among the selection of cheap used cars with a budget of less than 3000 €, you can choose to get a reliable and easy to maintain car. It can be a Smart Fortwo, this model is a first-generation car accessible without any real competition except the Toyota IQD. Other second-hand cars available for less than €3,000: the Renault Twingo, Renault Clio, Peugeot 206, Peugeot 307 SW, Volkswagen Golf, Citroën C5, Ford Mondeo, Citroën Xsara Picasso and Renault Espace.

Which cars to buy for 5000 euros?

The Renault Clio 2 is the best-selling car in France, particularly about the latest versions of this highly rated vehicle on the second-hand market. This type of car benefits from good comfort and a correct design. Those looking for a used Renault Clio 2 for less than €5,000 should opt for a petrol engine, especially when the car has a high mileage. People who want to buy a 207 benefit from a car equipped with a gasoline engine with a 1.4-litre VTI 95 horsepower block. Used Peugeot 207s with a mileage of around 80,000 km cost around €5,000. Car buyers with small budgets can get a first-generation Toyota Yaris. This car range is a good alternative. The first versions of this gasoline-powered vehicle cost less than €4,000 on the second-hand market. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is better to monitor the mileage.

Which car to buy for 10,000 euros?

The purchase of new cars is quite feasible if you have a budget of less than €10,000. The price of some car models can be even cheaper than when you decide to take advantage of a promotional period to buy a cheap car. Among the new cars offering a price of less than €10,000 are the Logan and the Dacia Sandera. This range of cars is available from €7,550. While the length of the Dacia Sandero city car is 4.05 m, the Logan sedan is 4.34 m long. These 2 vehicle models are part of the low-cost car ranges. The price of a new Fiat Panda is estimated at €7800, plan €8,000 considering the discount applied when using an agent. To own a car that costs about €8050, you can choose between 3 small cars, namely the Skoda Citigo, the Volkswagen Up and the Seat Mii. Currently, it is the Seat Mii Reference that is considered the cheapest car of the 3 models. These vehicles cost around €7,500 and €8,500. The advantage of the economical car is that it consumes little fuel while being easy to park given its small size, which is 3.55 m long and its weight of less than 1 t.

Which car to buy for 15000 euros?

With a reasonable budget of €15,000, you can buy cars from the models that are very popular with lovers of beautiful cars. Among these beautiful cars, you can buy a Ford Ka +, this compact city car is ideal for use in an urban environment. Its 1.2-litre petrol engine is equipped with 4 cylinders. The car is available in 2 versions, a version with 70 horsepower or 85 horsepower models. The advantage of this car with its modern design is that it can be purchased at a very competitive price of €10,350. The Kia Picanto is a car sold on the market from €10,030. With an impeccable steering system, this car benefits from a suspension and an improved bodywork compared to its previous version. With its dynamic lines, the new version of the Opel Corsa has 5 doors. This modern city car is equipped with a new 3-cylinder engine, depending on the version purchased, the customer has the choice among powers varying from 70 hp to 150 hp. This car, whose price is set at €13,190, allows long-term savings thanks to a very low level of fuel consumption.

Which car to buy for 20000 euros?

People who wish to buy a new car for less than €20,000 benefit from a comfortable sum allowing them to choose the car according to their tastes and needs. Those who have a comfortable budget to buy a new car can choose from 3 vehicle ranges: the Renault Captur, the Citroën C3 and the Peugeot 2008. These cars are ideal for couple rides or rides with a small family. With a price of around €18,150, the Peugeot 308 is a vehicle launched in 2013 with a redesigned design in 2017. The particularity of this car is the layout of an innovative driver's station called i Cockpit. This car also benefits from excellent road handling that is intelligently balanced between agility and comfort.

Which car to buy for 30000 euros?

People who wish to change cars with a budget of €30,000 benefit from a substantial envelope to enjoy themselves. Even if this budget is not enough to buy a Ferrari or a Bentley, with such a sum you can enjoy yourself by choosing from several ranges of new or used vehicles. Buyers can select car models such as road, convertible, coupe or SUV. Among the new cars whose price is less than €30,000, you can buy an Alfa-Romeo GT, a Peugeot 407, Volkswagen EOS, a Renault Mégane and Opel GT. For used cars, you can buy a Jaguar XK8, Nissan Quashqai, Renault Clio V6, Lotus Elise and Porsche Boxer.

How to invest in a leased car?

To invest in the purchase of a leased car, you must sign a lease with an option to purchase (LOA). This document must contain elements fixed by the public authorities: date and duration of the offer, designation and cash price of the rented car, identity of the parties, terms of reimbursement of the rental. This contract also mentions the rental costs. The latter includes several parameters to be considered when evaluating the repayment of the lease. It is crucial to compare the total costs of the leasing investment. These costs include the full purchase of the car. Several data must be considered: the duration of the rental, the amount of the number and frequency of rents, the security deposit. It will also be necessary to include the total amount of the transaction and the amount of the buyback at the end of the lease term in the event of the purchase of the car. This cost is called residual value.
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