Before repairing your car, make a service estimate!

Recently, your car broke down. Impossible to move it, or it is extremely noisy when driving. In any case, it is impossible to drive comfortably, and you are afraid that continuing to drive will damage it even more in the state it is in. So, you must take it to the garage, but you've never had much confidence in them, and think they take advantage of our lack of knowledge of the business to charge us more. Have you thought about getting a revision quote?

One step before the roadworthiness test

The service estimate is an indication of what is wrong with your car and will add to your bill when you take it to a car repairer. When you go there to have your car repaired, your mechanic often finds a myriad of problems that you were not aware of until then, promising you in a frightening way that within a short time your car will become unable to drive and that you will only have to buy another one. He also offers to repair everything on the go right away, since he only has one slot soon, and if not, it will take several weeks or even a month or two. Not much time to think, in short. This is where making a quote for the overhaul of your car makes sense: thanks to the professional quote, there is no frightening promise or risk of being surprised by your own roadworthiness test: the sign that delivers you a quote does just that. No personal opinion, no repair proposed immediately, the aim is to give you a sheet on which it is written clearly what goes and what does not go in your car, which will allow you to check yourself through the internet the prices of changing each part or repairing them, as well as the risks incurred in case of failure to maintain these parts. Another advantage of estimating with a car repairer is that you know in advance what could cause you problems during your roadworthiness test. You will therefore only have to have your car and all its failures repaired, considered as major and critical by the new 2018 roadworthiness test, so that when you pass it, you only have minor failures so that you do not have to go through an additional roadworthiness test two months later. Note that before you give your car a roadworthiness test, and even before you make a quote for the overhaul of your car, you can already do some checks yourself, in advance. Perhaps some operations can be easily performed by you to save you additional expenses... Additional financial security To go back to what was said earlier, making a quote for the repair of your car makes it possible not to panic when a mechanic lists the problems in your car that require a change or risk not working anymore. It is this panic that some unscrupulous professionals exploit to charge more than the recommended price for repairs. Thanks to the estimate made in advance, you will be able to ask the professional about the prices he charges for the changes you need to your car, and will have the opportunity to go elsewhere in complete serenity if the prices turn out to be too high.

Technical inspection, a simple formality

If you make your overhaul estimate before your roadworthiness test, you take the liberty of inquiring yourself about minor, major or critical failures of your vehicle, in order to have the problems of your car repaired. If you have had your estimate made by a trusted professional and then had your car repaired by another professional who knows his job well, your vehicle should pass the roadworthiness test without any problem overseas, and ensure you a new permission to drive for two years before having to deal with the problems again. Practical if you own an older vehicle that had a risk of critical failures at roadworthiness tests, which would have caused it to stop when you know that the vehicle is still in working order. If you would like to learn more about roadworthiness testing, with its changes in 2018, such as new checkpoints or the new failure category that can cause your vehicle to stop.
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