From private individual to private individual: buy your used car for less

Many individuals prefer to buy a used car by searching for it themselves on the Internet or in private sales offers rather than through a dealer. Every day, many used cars are exchanged to benefit from more attractive prices even if the purchase is made without warranty. With the Internet and private-to-private ads, buying a used car has become simple. There are many offers for used vehicle sales and it is possible to find any model at an attractive price because the transaction is carried out directly. Buying a used car without an intermediary is a godsend for those who are looking for another car. The sales offers published by individuals are varied and used vehicles are generally displayed with several photos so that the buyer can get a good idea of the proposed car. Individuals have the choice between several sites, and everyone can find what they are looking for:,,, etc. Some sites published and sold make it possible to target used vehicles sold in your region, which is interesting. Buying a used car through private-to-private ads often makes it possible to buy a used vehicle at a lower price than from a garage. But you must remain vigilant to avoid being ripped off. Feel free to ask questions about the quality of the vehicle to really make sure you get a good deal. Never buy too quickly and take the time to check if the price of the used car you are offered corresponds to its value at the time of purchase. The site or the cote are good ways to find out if the price of a used car is not overestimated compared to the real value. The mileage of the car is also an argument that can play in favour of price negotiation. Higher mileage reduces the selling price. Every day in France, hundreds of used car sales announcements are published online. But don't rush and take the time to compare the different offers you can find on the same model. An individual who sells his car is often willing to give an additional small discount to sell the vehicle faster. The discount of cars being extremely fast makes the choice of used vehicles vast.
Buying a car from a private individual, a double-edged knife
Buy a used car, why?

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