Buying a car from a private individual, a double-edged knife

When buying a used car, be careful with unlicensed dealers who pretend to be individuals. Buying cars from a private individual is certainly a very practical approach unless you are suspicious of scammers.

The advantages of buying a used car

Buying a used vehicle allows the driver to benefit from fast delivery in less than 10 days. This type of car does not suffer the high discount of a new car. Buyers can also benefit from a better finish and more options by choosing to buy a used car. Those who choose to buy a used car from a professional can subscribe to different services such as a maintenance contract, warranty contract, assistance for financing the purchase. By consulting the catalogues of used cars available on the market, we can see more and more cars with low mileage. Searching for used cars on the Internet saves time. It is enough to inform in the search tool the criteria allowing the site to sort the offers that correspond to its expectations and budget (prices, brands, models, years of registration, type of gearbox, fuel...).

The disadvantages of buying a car from a private individual

Choosing to buy a car from an individual requires a lot of caution. The buyer must be able to adapt to the available stocks, by contacting a private individual he has no right to any guarantee. As prices are generally fixed, it is more difficult to negotiate a discount. Another disadvantage is that promotional operations for vehicle purchases between private individuals are occasional. In the event of an urgent project such as an argus recovery + or during a second-hand fair, there is a risk of missing an opportunity. Buying a new or used car varies according to your desires and needs. Among the many essential elements in the finalization of a project are personal desires, equipment needs or budget adaptation. How to buy a used car from a private individual in complete serenity?
From private individual to private individual: buy your used car for less
Buy a used car, why?

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