Car registration card: a very important document for the circulation of a car

A vehicle registration document is a document registered in the name of a legal entity that owns a car. It includes technical information about the car, such as power and displacement. It is very important and must always follow the car everywhere or risk a fine.

Usefulness of a registration document

The registration certificate or car registration document is very essential because it allows the identification of the car by its registration plate. It is considered as a national identity card. He must still be in the car with the boarding papers. In the event of a police check, the driver must give the registration card and his driving licence to the authority. Important information can be found on this document, such as the date of first entry into service, chassis number, make or the model of the car. In addition, because this document is very important, the owner of the car is therefore obliged to make a request within one month, to correct it in the event of a change of address and to return it in the event of sale or destruction to an approved ELV or end-of-life vehicle centre. In the event of illegality and misdemeanour, the owner is punished by a fine or a contravention. It is therefore essential to hold the registration card at the prefecture or even online.

The consequences of driving without a registration card

Possession of a vehicle registration document is an obligation. Thus, it is a serious offence not to present it in the event of an inspection. The latter is considered as a first- or fourth-class contravention. This fault is classified as follows: failure to present the vehicle registration card results in a first-class ticket for an amount of 11 euros. The owner must then present the registration certificate within 5 days otherwise the contravention becomes in class 4 with a fine of 135 euros.

Stolen registration documents: what to do?

Then, in the event of forgetting or losing the registration document, the vehicle cannot move freely on the public road. The owner must therefore report the authorities on the loss of the documents and renew an application for a registration certificate.
Stolen registration documents: what to do?
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