Stolen registration documents: what to do?

The first thing to do when you are a victim of the theft of your vehicle registration document is to report the theft of your vehicle registration document to the police station nearest you or to the national gendarmerie. The authorities will then provide you with a Provisional Certificate of Registration (CPI). Thanks to the provisional registration certificate, you will be able to travel legally on the roads of France for a maximum of one month. During this period, you will have to apply for a duplicate car registration online.

The duplicate stolen registration document

stolen registration document how to proceed in case of stolen registration document, you must apply for a duplicate registration document online. The duplicate registration document can be obtained on a website managed by an automotive professional, such as dé You thus benefit from a simple, fast and completely secure online car registration duplicate service. The process is simple: you will find an online form that is available for you to fill out. All you must do is indicate your registration number, your department, your identity and your address. Once completed, the form must be sent to the organization you have chosen to provide you with a duplicate car registration online. Documents to be provided for obtaining a duplicate car registration document online For your application for a duplicate car registration document to be complete in the event of theft, you must provide the following documents: - The cerfa form n° 13750*05: with the mention "duplicate" filled in. - The cerfa form n° 13753*02 which corresponds to the theft report submitted to the police. - A proof of identity: national identity card, driving licence, valid passport.... - Technical inspection: it is not systematically required, depending on the vehicles. For example, motorcycles and scooters are not subject to roadworthiness testing. Once you have paid the duplicate fee, you will receive a confirmation email and your new registration number. A new registration document will be sent to you directly in your mailbox. Duplicate car registration fee in the event of car registration theft If you were the owner of a car registered with an old number, the duplicate application automatically becomes an application for a new registration. The rate that then applies to the registration document is in this case only 2.76 €. This price corresponds to the delivery tax. If your vehicle is already registered via the new SIV vehicle registration system, you will have to pay once the price of the tax horse of your car, in addition to the €6.76 in taxes (transport tax and management tax).
Car registration card: a very important document for the circulation of a car
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