From now on, make your registration online

In the past, it was necessary to go to the prefecture to obtain a car registration card. From 2009, the situation changed with the new vehicle registration system (SIV), and users have since been able to carry out their administrative registration procedures online, with an approved and authorized professional. However, since 6 November 2017, it is rather the online registration document that applies as a procedure, because the registration services of prefectures and sub-prefectures no longer receive from the public.

Why prefer the dematerialized procedure?

As the prefectural counters for applications for registration certificates have been closed since November 2017, all registration procedures are now mainly carried out on the Internet. This decision aims to simplify the procedures for obtaining official documents, and to allow the prefectural services to focus on other important problems such as documentary fraud. Thus, many service providers authorised (by the prefecture) and approved (by the Treasury) receive and process users' requests for the vehicle registration document. It is possible to make your registration online on this page for example. The advantages of the online registration are many. Since its inception, hundreds of thousands of requests have been processed by professional platforms specialized in this field. It is no longer possible to endure the endless delays between the submission of your application and obtaining the provisional certificate of registration at the counter at the prefecture. From now on, it only takes 10 minutes to validate your registration request. This means that the dematerialized procedure is quite simple, which does not make it time-consuming. All you have to do is follow the steps provided to send your car registration application online to the chosen site and have the required documents in digital format so that it can be validated and processed. More details on this subject on this page.

How to proceed in practice to submit your request?

For most online service providers, the procedure usually starts with calculating the cost of the registration certificate. To do this, it is necessary to fill in the fields of the tax calculator located on the site of the chosen service provider. Once the result is obtained, the next steps are to validate the order and then proceed to payment. Immediately afterwards, the site's processing centre sends a confirmation email as well as the list of documents to be provided depending on the nature of the online car registration request (change of cardholder or address, etc.). When all the documents necessary to determine the admissibility of the application are sent, there are no further steps to be taken. However, if a document is missing, the applicant is immediately notified and must send it before his file is validated. However, when the file is accepted, the Provisional Certificate of Registration or Acknowledgement of Registration is sent within 24 hours by email and then the final vehicle registration document is sent home by the National Printing Office under secure cover a few days later. So many facilities with the online registration! In addition, for users who may not be aware of it, before taking the necessary steps to register, the new holder of the registration certificate must hold a driving licence corresponding to the type of vehicle to be registered in order to be considered. The old title must be kept for 5 years by the new owner of the vehicle. It may be randomly requested during a roadside check. A good reader, half a word!
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