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A compact consumer car par excellence, the Volkswagen Golf has carved out a place for itself in the city car market for 40 years. Launched in 1974 in Europe, the Golf has since been reborn 6 times, the last one in 2012 with the Volkswagen Golf VII. Rumours about a new Volkswagen Golf 8 had been around for several years, but it is now a reality. Indeed, the eighth generation of Golf will be presented following the Frankfurt Motor Show in October 2019. The opportunity to review the expected new features.

The Volkswagen Golf: a mythical car of the German car

Few cars manage to fit into the collective imagination. If Volkswagen was already a manufacturer known for its memorable Beetle, the German company can now count on its famous Golf, a true automotive bestseller for over 40 years. In stark contrast to the curves of the New Beetle, the first Volkswagen Golf had an aesthetic in the spirit of the times, inspired by Italian automakers, including the historic competitor Fiat. More manageable and balanced than the Beetle, the Golf has been able to find its audience quickly, guaranteeing the durability of the range. Over the years, the Golf has lost its angular edges and given way to a sportier bodywork, in the style of contemporary city cars. The Golf has also moved up the range by offering various technological advances, slowly moving away from the "low-cost car" label of its early days. The latest innovation to date, the Volkswagen Golf has been released in electric motorization under the name of e-Golf. With a range of 300 kilometres and a base price of around 40,000 euros, we are far from the Volkswagen Golf of the beginning. However, this electrical iteration of the Golf alone demonstrates the German manufacturer's capacity for innovation.

The Volkswagen Golf 8 between continuity and modernism

While the Volkswagen Golf 8 remains a secret, there are rumours that it will have several improvements, both in terms of aesthetics and on-board technologies. Aesthetic improvements In terms of style, the Golf 8 seems to be a continuation of what Golf VII offered. Volkswagen's chief designer Klaus Bischoff said he was not looking to revolutionize the range, but rather to improve it. The car will feature a new, more sober grille, as well as some evolutions on the side of the fenders, doors and mirror supports. Technological innovations The main advances of this Golf 8 will be technological with a very significant leap inside the cabin and under the hood. On the passenger side, drivers will appreciate the arrival of the Digital Cockpit, which allows synchronization between the information displayed behind the wheel and that presented on the central on-board computer. To navigate the centre console, almost no more buttons, but a set of tactile controls. Under the hood, Volkswagen chose to use the modular MQB platform, already used in the assembly of the Golf VIIs, but with some modifications. This allows the New Golf 8 to display a lower point on the balance and to be equipped with new engines, including a light hybrid version at 48V. Towards an abandonment of the electric Golf Speaking of the engine, as surprising as it may seem, the Golf 8 will not offer an electric version. The e-Golf will therefore not have an heiress until 2020 and it is a pity when we know how much this electric version would deserve an update, at least from a technological point of view. The Golf 8 will favour petrol engines, a sign that the German manufacturer's polluting diesel affair is still not being digested.

Buy a used Volkswagen Golf

While the New Volkswagen Golf 8 has many assets to defend, many drivers will continue to buy the older generations of Golf for many years to come. If you want to buy a used Golf, you can now use used vehicle financing platforms on the Internet. This is particularly the case for Vivacar, which offers several hundred used Volkswagen Golf ads on its website. Some of these vehicles are eligible for leasing with an option to purchase (LOA), a practical financing option that allows you to buy your car in exchange for fixed rents over a fixed period. Accessible without contribution and able to carry several additional guarantees against breakdowns or replacement of wear parts, leasing is now a practical tool for buying a used Golf.
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