Give your car a new look

A car is an investment that deserves your care and maintenance. Indeed, it is necessary to maintain its appearance, performance and the beauty of its bodywork. The protection of the latter is therefore essential for optimal maintenance of your car. A body repair gives the possibility to keep the manufacturer's insurance and to protect the aesthetic capital of the bodywork at the same time!

When to have your body repaired?

Repair of your bodywork is required following an accident or poor maintenance on your part. If the problem occurs as a result of a front impact, it is obvious that the bodywork is not in excellent condition. Depending on the severity of the impact, your car may be immobilized for a long period of time. For a rather minor impact, some parts of the bodywork can be repaired as soon as possible, and at a lower cost! You should also know that your bodywork needs to be repaired if these different cases arise: Broken window Cracked mirror Broken mirror Cracked optics Body scratches Degraded door banner Cover plate missing Split or loose bumper If any of these signs appear, it is best to go directly to your garage. Indeed, you will be subject to several risks if you wait for the damage to accumulate. This is the fact that repairing the bodywork becomes even more expensive with damage accumulating. A paint touch-up on a car can restore more than its price. You should also know that if the scratches on the paint are shallower, polishing alone can make these marks invisible. The cost of refurbishment is therefore lower!

A specialized company to help you

This is a bodywork and paint workshop that has been experimented for many years. Being approved by the Top Carrosserie network since 2010, this company is renowned for its reliable services and adapted to customer requirements. Regardless of the make, type and category of vehicle, its team of specialists takes care of the repair in the highest performance and efficiency! To ensure quality, their work follows market standards respectively. With all the appropriate equipment at its disposal, the workshop is involved in various services, from body repair to polishing, dent removal, windscreen repair and renovation of all kinds (plastic, optics, etc.)! As for painting, this automobile company can provide paint to all kinds of cars. To fully enjoy the services of the garage, a simple phone call is all it takes, and you will have at your disposal a team that is ready to serve you in all circumstances. Don't worry, the garage remains active full time, whether it's day, night, weekend or holidays!
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