Guarantee your vehicle to sell better

Selling the carIf you have difficulty selling the car, know that you are not alone in this case. There are, in fact, several reasons that can explain this situation: a car that is already far too old and that does not have a manufacturer's warranty, repairs that are too important to predict, a fear coming from the individual buyer, etc. To increase your chances and to ensure that the car trade-in is carried out in the best conditions, think about guaranteeing your vehicle for a better sale and to value it at its fair value.

Mechanical breakdown guarantee: what is it?

The mechanical breakdown guarantee before the purchase of used cars is not only addressed to sellers, but also to buyers. It is an insurance policy for owners whose builder's coverage has expired, but who still want to continue to be covered in the event of a breakdown or accident. Depending on the model contract you sign, the guarantee may cover several expenses. The most important are those related to the engine or gearbox. Since not all benefits are the same, it is essential to choose the policy that best meets your needs and expectations.

What kind of coverage do you need?

Before considering choosing a guarantee, it is essential to make a comparison between all the offers available on the market.  See, among other things, the validity period of each contract, the price and all the guarantees offered. A little like a cash car takeover, the pricing will depend on several points such as the age of the vehicle or its type. To get a clear idea of this pricing, known for example that the price of a mechanical warranty on a Clio will not be the same as the price of a mechanical warranty on a BMW.

Get a better selling price

With the mechanical warranty, you can get a better selling price when buying a cash vehicle. This guarantee will allow you, among other things, to differentiate yourself from other individuals who want to sell their car. With this coverage, the new buyer will be able to count on the insurer to cover all costs related to the repair. This means that both parties can benefit considerably. You, as a seller, get an amount at the fair value of the vehicle. The person, as a buyer, will have relief from the repairs.
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