Good car buying tips in Reunion Island: find the best vehicles

Do you want to change cars? On the second-hand market, you can find vehicles of all kinds. But wouldn't that be a risky choice?

Why turn to used cars?

Second-hand cars are increasingly appealing to consumers. Indeed, one of the main advantages is the price. Most of the cars on the second-hand market are sold at very attractive prices. These vehicles therefore allow as many people as possible to buy a car that is not within reach when it leaves the factory, without exploding the budget. Similarly, new cars lose value by up to 50% of the purchase price) from the first use. This discount offers an advantage to used car buyers: they can buy a car in very good condition at a low price. In addition, you can access a wide range of models. You will find on the market many models and brands, recent. In short, you will be spoilt for choice. Also, availability is immediate. If you choose a new car, if it is not available in stock, it would take several weeks before delivery. However, with a used car, you can dispose of it as soon as possible. Finally, the cars come with accessories that will be sold to you at a lower price. If you want to get a used car at the Peugeot meeting, check You can find the rare pearl there.

But where can you find a used car?

To find a used car at the meeting, you have two alternatives:

On an ad site

You can visit the specialized or generalist ad sites to find the car of your dreams. You will then be put in direct contact with the seller (who is often a private individual). This solution offers a good compromise since there are no red tape and the rates are more attractive. Plus, you won't have to travel. The car will be delivered to the place you have indicated in a short time. However, online shopping has its drawbacks. No resumption is possible, and the transaction is not secure. We should therefore be very vigilant.

With a dealer

This is a more reliable option for finding a good opportunity at the meeting. The products are sold at a slightly higher price, but the service provider offers good guarantees in relation to an intermediary or a private individual. Moreover, the transaction is secure, and you can discover a wide range of models. In the same way, you benefit from a take-back offer as well as a payment method adapted to your capacities. The professional will ensure the vehicle's conformity before handing you the keys so that you can drive with peace of mind.

Which used car to buy?

To save time, a priori, you must define your needs and your budget: Is it for personal, family or professional use? There are five models: the sedan, city car, station wagon, minivan and coupé. For example, a city car is suitable for short trips and for singles or couples. For a family, it would be more appropriate to buy station wagons. Is it a main or secondary car? Which brand to choose? A second-hand Renault at the meeting or a Peugeot? Is it for urban, road or city use? For a driver who drives a lot, it is better to use a car with low mileage. Remember to check the consistency of the mileage on the dashboard with the mileage recorded in the maintenance logbook. For the motorization, you have the choice between: - petrol: it is the most affordable and the car requires little maintenance - diesel: the cost of fuel is more accessible than gasoline, but parts should be changed regularly, and high repair costs should be expected Second-hand cars with LPG, electric or hybrid engines are still rare. In any case, to avoid being fooled by malicious salesmen, it is very important to check the condition of the car, inside and out: bodywork, tires, bumpers, lights, engine, battery, underbody, floor, seat, steering wheel, pedals, belts, saddlery, etc.. Also test the accessories to check that they work properly: windshield wiper, automatic window, air conditioning, ventilation, lighting, heating, car radio.... In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is strongly recommended to be accompanied by a connoisseur. A second opinion is more than essential. Attention! Beware of oil leaks, rust and moisture inside the car. These small details may require important repairs later.

Good to know!

No rush. You should never buy a used car at the meeting without testing it. If the seller refuses, move on. Indeed, it is recommended to drive the car on different types of roads and to be very attentive to abnormal noise. Also test the braking quality. If possible, check the car during the day for better visibility. To avoid being credited at the time of payment, do not pay any deposit. So, don't be fooled by these people in bad faith. Always be on guard! In addition, you can request the following documents: - the roadworthiness test certificate less than 6 months old if the car is more than 4 years old - the valid non-pledge certificate, which must include the mention "absence of pledge and opposition" the transfer certificate, essential for the declaration - the crossed-out registration document containing the mention "sold on...", with the signature of the seller and the maintenance booklet with the various invoices Finally, after purchasing a hyundai car at the meeting or any other brand, you have 1 month after purchase to register the car, otherwise you risk a fine.
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