How to choose a good used car

People who decide to buy a used car must consider several criteria to avoid being ripped off. The search for a good used car involves a static examination and a test drive. Among the major trends of the moment, it should be noted that buyers prefer French brands, diesel cars represent most fuel consumption and that city cars are currently the most popular vehicle models.

The questions you need to ask

Some questions are essential during the first telephone or face-to-face discussion. Thus, to avoid being taken advantage of by the buyer who wishes to purchase a used vehicle, he can ask the seller: what is the consumption of the car? What was the use of the vehicle? Are there any scratches or dents on the bodywork? Has the car ever been involved in an accident? Why does the seller want to sell his vehicle? When can the trial be conducted? What is the mileage? Is the car first-hand? What are the missing elements regarding the car's equipment? When is the last repair done? What is the last price of the car?

Hidden defect on a car: what are the remedies?

As with new vehicles, buyers of used vehicles also benefit from the hidden defect guarantee. In accordance with the legal time limit set out in article 1648 of the Civil Code, the new owner has a period of 2 years from the discovery of the defect to act against the professional or private seller. This approach makes it possible to obtain a partial refund or cancellation of the sales contract if the buyer can prove the existence of the defect. If the buyer is entitled to legal protection from his car insurance company, he must contact his agency to have it appoint an automotive expert. This professional will be responsible for certifying the existence of the defect and assessing the cost of repairs. At the end of these steps, the insurer tries to resolve the dispute amicably with the seller. If this procedure fails, the buyer's insurance will take the case to court. If the buyer does not benefit from any legal protection, he must undertake the necessary procedures to resolve the dispute and pay the legal costs. He must provide proof of the dispute, which may be a certificate attesting to the presence of the hidden defect issued by a garage. It can also be done by calling on an expert. The use of the specialist paid for by the buyer must be included in the list of the court registry.

What to check: Examine the car

The best time to examine a used car is to schedule the date in the middle of the day, favouring a sunny day. Before buying your used car, you should be aware of over-glosses and traces of varnish. These clues often hide a repainted vehicle. You should also be wary of shock or bump marks. The buyer should also look carefully for traces of paint on the plastic or rubber. These are distinctive signs that characterize the intervention of a bodybuilder. It is also important to examine the alignment of doors and seals. Other things to check: the condition of the tires and under the car. Make sure that there is no rust or impact, and check for possible brake fluid leaks, cooling or steering. The trick to ensuring that the engine is well maintained is to check the oil and coolant levels. To better understand how the engine works, you should consult another page dedicated to this very important concept in the purchase of new or used vehicles.

Consult the ads on the internet

To buy a good used car, you can go through the classified ads. These sites allow buyers to reach individual sellers of used cars. To do this, the buyer must consult the advertisements published by the car owners. To simplify the search, the sheets can be easily sorted online. To make it easier to search for a used car online, it is recommended to enable the alert feature. Consult the classified ads sheets for used cars also provides information on the various offers published by the sellers. Online offers are from private individual to private individual: buy your used car for less. To find easily cars for sale, you can consult a used car sales site in France. These portals help people who want to buy a used car to find the right model according to the many offers available on the market. Dealers are also specialists who are willing to sell new or used cars. While used car sales sites help consumers find the car of their dreams, you can also participate in an auction to try to buy the perfect vehicle.
From private individual to private individual: buy your used car for less
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