Should an agent be used to purchase a car?

The objective of the car representative is to offer personalized assistance to motorists who wish to find the ideal car at an unbeatable price. This specialist can work remotely, he is willing to help his customer by considering his expectations, the vehicles in stock and the partnerships managed by his company. Most agents are involved in the purchase of a car by offering a complete service that varies from the order to the delivery of the car without forgetting the administrative formalities related to registration.

What is an agent?

As an agent, this professional in the motor trade acts as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer. The sales representative is mandated by the principal, he establishes a mandate contract involving an obligation to provide advice. Its main mission is to find the vehicle that meets the customer's expectations. Whether it is a new or used car, he is interested in some forty of the world's leading brands. Its network of French and European dealers, distributors and suppliers enables it to facilitate negotiations on behalf of the buyer. This approach allows the principal to benefit from the best pricing conditions. The required offer can be vehicles in stock or cars on order equipped with all the options that interest the customer. The proposals submitted by the authorised representative include a legal manufacturer's warranty of at least 2 years. While the booming sector has customer satisfaction rates approaching 95%, the disadvantage with the car agent is that, unlike dealers, the agents still rarely take back the old vehicle. This trend is beginning to reverse. Buyers who are looking for a car representative should favour a trustworthy local support. To avoid scammers, contact reputable agents in the car industry. Consult customer reviews to find out which brokers are the best performers.

Car agent: Buying a new car for less

The job of car agent consists in buying vehicles in France or abroad at competitive prices. He oversees negotiating vehicle prices on new or used cars. As the sales representative is interested in several car brands, he tends to buy lots of vehicles at negotiated rates by contacting different European dealerships. Many agents do not have a traditional concession. To work, they sell the vehicles on the Internet and then take care of the delivery to the customers. The cars sold by these professionals are of high quality and sometimes better equipped than the cars sold in France, and this at very affordable prices. One of the main advantages of these car sales specialists is their very good discount. Depending on the vehicles sold, buyers can even benefit from a discount of up to 40%. This represents several thousand euros in savings. These significant discounts are granted on many brands. These savings are applied to certain brands of vehicles such as the Fiat, Seat, Peugeot, Volkswagen... These cars are sold much cheaper abroad. It is thus possible to buy a Renault M├ęgane at less than 37% or take advantage of a 26% discount on the Fiat 500 by contacting certain agents.

Car representative: what are the advantages?

The agents offer vehicles from all over the European Union. Motorists looking for their future car should not worry, as European regulations offer a contractual guarantee valid for all EU Member States. Those who buy a French vehicle, originating from Spain or Poland benefit from the same guarantee, regardless of the country of origin. The warranty is also the same for car maintenance. If the agents do not provide maintenance service, the buyer can provide after-sales service at a dealership. Some agents offer cars whose sales offer is identical to that of the European market. This type of proxy provides cars with the same equipment as the French versions. Other offers may even offer over-equipped versions. Buying a car from an agent allows you to acquire cars with a level of finish that is unrivalled on the French market.

The disadvantages of investing with an agent

Buying a car through an agent has certain disadvantages. This broker, who acts as an intermediary, does not have a fleet of vehicles. He is not authorized to perform a test before purchasing the car. To test the comfort of a car, you can visit a dealer and ask to try a car identical to the one you want at the agents. As the vehicles come from all over the European Union, some formulas may differ from the French models. Thus, depending on tariffs and user preferences, the options available in France may not be integrated when buying in other European countries. It is therefore prudent to check the vehicle's configurations carefully if it comes from abroad. The car broker is not legally considered a seller. Thus, those who buy a car from abroad take the risk of having more difficult recourse in the event of a hidden defect. Indeed, appeals must be directed to the jurisdiction of the country concerned.
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