The advantages and disadvantages of buying a car from a dealer

Buying a car through a car dealership is one of the practical ways to acquire a car. Buying a used car is logically cheaper than buying a new one. Those who wish to buy a second-hand car can call on an individual or a dealer. This professional has many advantages as well as some disadvantages. Explanation.

Should we trust a dealer?

Buying a used car from a dealer is a solution to benefit from the quality guarantee. The fact is that these professionals must undertake mandatory safety inspections on the vehicle models they sell. These professionals are also bound by an obligation to provide information. The merchant is required to inform the potential buyer of the true condition of the car. As a result, when the car is defective after the sale, the buyer can request a refund. This approach is not always granted when purchasing between individuals. Dealers also provide their customers with a contractual or commercial guarantee. The additional guarantee reimburses any breakdowns caused by the used car. The duration of the warranty depends on the dealer. It varies between 6 months and 1 year. Motorists can also subscribe to extended coverage. This offer is offered in addition. The speed and simplicity of purchase are among the major advantages of buying from a dealer. The future owner of a used car is not obliged to waste time consulting ads or making an appointment at several private individuals to discover the car of his dreams. Another advantage of the dealer is that it is not necessary to worry about reselling the old vehicle. Indeed, some professionals offer customers a trade-in offer if they wish to sell the old vehicle in order to reduce the financing of used cars. This operation is carried out through a single agency. Dealers are also responsible for reselling cars in good condition. Thus, in the event of chipped paint, scratched bodywork, dirty cabin.... poorly maintained used cars are repaired by the dealer before resale. When you visit a good dealership, you will find clean vehicles with a fresh paint finish to present customers with more attractive and functional vehicles.

Car dealerships: the advantage of the FCR scheme

The new FCR regime makes it possible to combat the trafficking of imported vehicles. This tax privilege regime is issued under certain conditions by the Tunisian State to Tunisians living abroad. The FCR concerns the importation into Tunisia of personal property and vehicles upon the final return of the car owner. Depending on the regime chosen, either total or partial exemption from duties and taxes payable, the taxable person is exempt from taxes and customs duties on the importation of vehicles and personal property upon final return to the country. Everyone must choose the right time to benefit from this tax privilege regime since only one FCR file is granted per person for the rest of their life. To benefit from this regime, you must be a Tunisian national, be of legal age at the time of application, and not have benefited from the FCR. It is also necessary to have stayed in Tunisia at least 120 days/year over the last 2 years in the case of an import of vehicles or 120 days in the last year in the case of an import of personal property. This tax privilege is granted to passenger cars, vans with a total weight under 3.5 t, motorcycles less than 5 years old on the date of entry into Tunisia. You must be careful when buying a used car from a dealer and make sure that the coveted car meets these criteria.

The disadvantages of investing with a dealer

Before signing the purchase, order finalizing the purchase or sale of a new or used vehicle, it is important to know the dealer's inconveniences. You should not be seduced by the advantages of the commercial. Compared to a broker or agent, the dealer does not have a website that allows customers to configure the car of their dreams. To get a quote from a dealer, the future owner will have to go to the agency to make a quote. The other major argument that does not work in the dealer's favour, the car broker or agent, is a sales representative who offers more attractive rates than a dealer. Some offers may therefore exceed 30% of the original price. Depending on the nature of the vehicle purchased, the customer will be able to make a final saving of 1000 to more than 10 000 € depending on the vehicles sold. Buying a car from a dealer also involves other additional costs. In addition to the price of the car, the future owner must also consider additional budgets such as the price for obtaining the car registration, which depends on the tax power and the region. It costs from 70 €. The registration of a new car costs around 50 € and about 30 € for the start-up which includes checking the levels, preparing the car... Do not neglect the penalty for CO2 emissions, this price varies between 200 and 2 600 € depending on the type of vehicle.
Should an agent be used to purchase a car?
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