The good reasons to make a car registration card online

Thanks to the development of digital technology, the vehicle registration system has been reformed. The latter concerns the administrative procedures for obtaining a vehicle registration document. From now on, the State decides to entrust the issuance of a vehicle registration document to approved professionals of the Ministry of the Interior. Find in our article the advantages of applying for a car registration online.

A considerable time saving

The dematerialization of the car registration application saves time in the first place. The applicant no longer must travel to a prefecture. Indeed, the procedures are more simplified. It is an effective solution to the slow pace of the Administration and waiting times. It takes no more than 15 minutes to download and complete the forms online. Thus, an Internet registration card saves you half a day or even more. The order can be made 100% online. In general, the registration document is mailed to your home within a very short period, which does not exceed 72 hours. You can comfortably place your order at home, in front of your computer. Some supporting documents must be submitted.

Saving money

Making an online registration also reduces financial costs such as travel expenses. The owner of a vehicle has the choice between two solutions to order a vehicle registration card online. First, the order can be placed on the ANTS website (National Agency for Secure Securities). ANTS services are free of charge in principle. However, the applicant must pay the price of the car registration document. It depends on the value of the vehicle and the region. You can also choose a site from an accredited professional. It offers a wide range of services. For example, it assists clients in compiling files to create a vehicle registration document on the Internet and keeps the old vehicle registration document for as long as required by regulations. But the cost is higher. However, some approved sites offer instalment payments.

When to request a registration card?

The transfer of a vehicle requires a change of registration document. This must be done within 1 month after the date of transfer. You must also apply for a new registration document if you have lost the original document. The reintroduction of a vehicle also requires a vehicle registration document. The change in the status of the cardholder also implies a new car registration. This applies, for example, to the addition or removal of a co-holder. The lessee of a leased vehicle with option to purchase must also hold a vehicle registration document. Violation of these rules is punishable by a fine of up to 750 euros.
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