The most reputable countries in car sales

Some countries are known for selling cars. Thus, the Citroën has long been one of the best-selling brands in China. The French vehicles most sold in the Celeste Empire are undoubtedly those of the Peugeot brand. The car manufacturers Chery, Roewe or Zotye are also brands of vehicles sold in the Middle Kingdom. Let's discover through this article the most famous countries for the sale of cars.

How to buy a car in Germany?

To summarize the most important elements when buying a car in Germany, the buyer must provide certain documents such as: the crossed out German registration document, invoices including VAT or German sales certificate, European certificate of conformity, German roadworthiness test certificate and pollution control. This document is valid in France for 2 years for used cars. The maintenance booklet and the signed sales contract in French and the previously completed transfer certificate are also parts to be kept when buying a car in Germany. To avoid complications, it is safer to use a trusted professional. Entrust the import of German vehicles to a car agent or broker. This approach allows the buyer to benefit from a discount of up to -40% depending on the models purchased.

How to buy a car in Belgium?

To legally drive a car acquired abroad in France, it is necessary to ensure that the vehicle complies with the safety and construction rules provided for in the Highway Code. As Belgian registration plates are allocated to car owners, it will be necessary to obtain transit plates by contacting the Directorate for the Registration of Vehicles in order to be able to introduce the car in France. The trick to avoiding the plate procedure is to transport the car on a trailer. Some specialized companies may provide transit plates and term insurance coverage. Buying a car in Belgium requires the acquisition of the tax clearance, also known as a tax certificate. The Belgian vehicle buyer must have certain documents such as the registration certificate, European certificate of conformity, purchase invoices, roadworthiness test certificate and official CarPass certificate.

Where to buy a new cheap car in Europe?

Cars can be cheaper in some parts of Europe. In Hungary, for example, buyers can save money by purchasing new cars from Alfa Romeo MiTo, BMW 320d and 520d. The Alfa-Romeo Giulietta is a less expensive car sold in Slovenia. To become an Audi A3, A4, Citroën C3 and C4 owner, it is recommended to travel to Denmark while buyers will have to travel to the United Kingdom if they want to save money by buying a Mini Cooper. To get a new Citroën C5 at a competitive price, go to Spain.
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