Where to buy a used car?

The purchase of a used car can be made from a dealer or between individuals. This last step is easier to do by consulting the classified ads. Once the criteria and the type of use to be made of the car have been established, it will be necessary to find out about market trends and cycles. These steps must be done before going to the used car dealers.

Should you choose the Internet when choosing your car?

90% of customers did an Internet search before visiting a car dealership. Researching your future used car is a habit that is constantly increasing among buyers. The widespread use of Smartphones and the implementation of sites available in mobile versions make it possible to better understand the importance of the Internet in the search for new or used cars. The Internet plays a very important role since many buyers have changed their minds about the type of car they want to buy. 64% of buyers have started looking for their future car on the Internet. At first, they have no clear idea of the type of car they want to buy. This type of used car search allows 49% of buyers to discover a model that was unknown to them. 15% of consumers changed their minds about the model of car they wanted to buy when they already had a clear idea before they started browsing the car classified ads sites.

Car auctions

Car auctions are services whose vehicles come mainly from manufacturers, credit and leasing companies, administration or succession. Buyers can also participate in auctions to purchase, for example, second-hand cars owned by private individuals. Details on the date and time of the exhibitions, the nature of the event and the list of vehicles are available at each auction. It will be necessary to refer to the city where the property is to be acquired. To facilitate the acquisition of vehicle sales lists registered in an auction, they can be downloaded or viewed on the net. The list can also be obtained by mail, on request and by consulting the lists of lots of cars for sale on the exhibition day. This is normally posted in the auction rooms. During an auction, the event is conducted by authorized auctioneers. During the presentation of each car, the sales representative presents each car and specifies its characteristics. The auction begins with the bidding. This data can be provided in the list of cars for sale in some Sales Centres. If you want to know more about auctions, this article may interest you: Auction sales: Used cars are more in demand than works of art

Choose the car agencies for the purchase of your car

The advantage of car agencies is that they assist customers in the acquisition of their used car. The purchase of a used car can be made according to different criteria: a growing family, the need for a car, replacing a wreck that spends too much money on repairs or just for pleasure. By contacting the car agencies, it is possible to purchase the different models according to the brands and guarantees. Buying a used car can be complicated, especially if you are not a specialist. By contacting a specialized automotive agency, future owners will be able to benefit from efficient services for the acquisition of the property. When you want to use a specialized agency, you have the choice between a dealer and an agent. The dealer's advantage is that before the purchase, the brand representative has test vehicles that can be used to test the car that customers want to buy. This procedure is not available when using a car representative. A proxy is used to help customers configure the car from the manufacturers' catalogues. It is possible to make an estimate using the manufacturers' catalogues. This operation can be done directly on the website of the agent agencies. The most important advantage of using an agency to purchase is that these specialists offer discounts of up to 30%. Depending on the type of vehicle purchased, customers can benefit from final savings ranging from €1,000 to over €10,000.

Do sellers offer the same guarantees?

People who have bought used cars from a professional seller or a private individual have a choice of various remedies in the event of car breakdowns or malfunctions. There are 3 types of guarantees, including 2 guarantees imposed by law: the assurance of conformity and the guarantee against hidden defects. The commercial guarantee, also known as a contractual guarantee, is an optional offer offered by almost all professionals and by a few individuals. Professionals generally offer between 6 and 24 months of warranty when buying a recent used vehicle. The oldest models benefit from insurance limited to engine, gearbox and axle (MBP) coverage. With so many guarantees available, sellers offer customers different guarantees.
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