Where to resell your classic car?

Before selling a retro vehicle, it is important to distinguish between vintage cars and vintage models. The particularity of vintage cars is that they must be more than 30 years old while the old car is only 10 years old. To sell a classic car, it will be necessary to carry out the same procedures, complete the same administrative documents as a sale of classic or vintage second-hand cars. The cost of maintenance, restoration costs, the tax to be paid at the time of sale make it difficult to sell a classic car. In this guide, we will discover the different ways to sell your classic car.

From private individual to private individual

To sell your classic car between private individuals, you just must publish an ad on the net. The sale of cars between private individuals has certain advantages. The owner will be able to choose the price of his car, write his own classified ad... The solution to determine the best rate to sell a vehicle is to base himself on the Argus coast. Although this value is relatively low, it provides a reliable benchmark for the buyer. The seller can also increase the basic rate by considering different criteria. It can be a low mileage, options included, body condition.... The offer can also be compared to other advertisements from similar vehicles. This approach can be a good way to estimate the right price. The sale to individuals is done through the writing of classified ads. There are several channels for this purpose to broadcast your ad. Publish your offer on online classified ad sites. This free process is effective because it increases the number of potential buyers. The trick to stand out from the competition is to post precise ads indicating the brand, enhancing interventions, year, model, options... Also add a series of photos to offer future buyers a virtual tour of the car. Publishing these classified ads in the local or regional press is an inexpensive service. This procedure allows an ad to be placed in a specific area while targeting a portion of the population that does not often use the Internet. Some garages accept to take vehicles from depots. This service can be offered if the seller agrees to purchase the new vehicle from the same dealer.

Through a dealer

The takeover of an old car from a car dealership provides a solution that combines experience and professionalism. Currently all dealerships offer to take back a car. This technique has even become an important business argument. By guaranteeing its customers the purchase of the car, the dealership obtains a commitment to purchase a car. There are several formulas to meet as many requests as possible. Among these offers, let us mention the solution of financing long-term leasing or leasing with purchase option. The amount of the trade-in will be calculated considering the vehicle's slope. The evaluation also considers the analysis of sales of similar vehicles, a physical inspection of the collection car and an assessment of possible repair costs.

How to resell your car on the Internet?

The rise of classified ad sites makes it easier to sell vintage cars. The first step in selling your car on the Internet is to evaluate its price. To do this, simply calculate the price of your car free of charge on the Internet. As the owners of the car for sale offer a price, not an objective price, it is recommended to refine the prices by comparing the amount with those of identical car models. The technique for selling a classic car in a short period of time is to charge 5 to 7% less than the competition. When writing the title of your ad, you must give a complete name of the car, indicating its engine and finish. Advertisements are written by entering information per line: optional equipment, vintage, mileage, first-hand or not. It is important to separate the arguments from the description. Also specify revisions, change of spare parts, recent addition of options... A damaged car implies a discount of 5 to 10% even when it is repaired. If the accident has damaged the car's chassis, it must be mentioned, or risk being sued.

How does the resale of a collector's car take place at auction?

It is important to find out about the locations, dates and times of the exhibitions. Before starting the auction, remember to carefully examine the vehicles. To do this, visit the exhibition and sales site. Please refer to the car sales list. They can be found on the Internet, by mail or by asking for the day of exhibition in the auction rooms. All vehicles sold have systematically undergone a roadworthiness test. To discover the characteristics of the car of your dreams, just read the placards fixed behind the windshield. The sale is managed by authorized auctioneers. They start public sales at the price setting. Bids are made aloud or by show of hands. A car is sold when the auctioneer says "Sold". Purchasers must prepare identification, a cheque payable to the sales centre or a cash deposit.
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