Which administrative documents for the purchase or sale of a used car?

Generally, you need to have some administrative documents to resell your used car. All buyers must urge sellers to present these parts to avoid contravening the law.

Why is it necessary to present administrative documents when selling a car?

When you buy your car from an individual, you will be required to follow the administrative procedures to complete all the required formalities. Indeed, having the car key in your possession or paying a purchase invoice is not enough to prove that you are the owner of your vehicle. If you choose to do business with a non-professional person, you must check if the car is delivered with all administrative documents. These files remain essential at the time when the new owner plans to apply for a car registration document.

Some administrative documents that you must present to sell a used vehicle

The new owner of the car must have administrative documents so that the procedures to be followed are simplified when he wants to change his registration document. The registration certificate is one of the documents you must issue to the buyer at the time of sale. It's the registration of the car. This serves as the car's certificate of identity. After that, all used car sellers must present a certificate of non-payment. To obtain this paper, simply contact the prefect of the region. But it is also possible to receive a free no pledge certificate on the Internet. Then, a certificate of sale is required if you are a private seller. This paper acts as an agreement between buyer and seller.  In addition, if you are thinking of selling a car over four years old, you must have a roadworthiness test certificate.

Types of registration certificates

In general, there are two types of registration certificates. All certificates issued before 2004 are classified in the old model category. A non-professional seller selling an old car must possess this document and give it to his new owner. As a buyer, you must sign this document before closing the transaction. There is also the new model. This recent certificate has a coupon that can be detached. This certificate voucher remains essential to the request for registration papers. To conclude, it is important to retrieve the car papers before making the transaction. This is the first rule to follow for all car lovers who intend to buy a used car from a private individual.
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