Purchase of a used car

How to get a collaborative used car loan?

The collaborative loan of used cars is a solution to buy cheaper. It is a loan that is made between individuals, but with less restrictive procedures and procedures. However, the collaborative loan for a used car is subject to specific…

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Discover the new Volkswagen Golf 8 !

A compact consumer car par excellence, the Volkswagen Golf has carved out a place for itself in the city car market for 40 years. Launched in 1974 in Europe, the Golf has since been reborn 6 times, the last one…

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Good car buying tips in Reunion Island: find the best vehicles

Do you want to change cars? On the second-hand market, you can find vehicles of all kinds. But wouldn’t that be a risky choice? Why turn to used cars? Second-hand cars are increasingly appealing to consumers. Indeed, one of the…

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